Czech-Ease Artists : Harvie S

Got it right!

Skeptical? I was, at first.

Early last year, however I tried the Czech-ease bass, the new and improved version, and I was sold. I immediately became and owner and endorser. This is the real thing, David Gage and his crew really got it right.

Since 9/11 it has been difficult to tour with a regular size bass so my original plan was to use the Czech-ease only for airline travel. Then I started bringing it to rehearsals and the convenience was more than welcome, the sound remarkable. It soon became my practice instrument at home.

A short time later I was performing local gigs with it. The Czech-ease in combination with my Acoustic Image amp Realist pick-up and La Bella strings allows me to create the sound that I need to groove and solo in a band.

Note that when playing acoustically it will create less volume than a normal sized instrument so you would probably need an amp when performing. I have also sometimes affixed the AMT microphone to the bass and I am able to achieve the same sonorous results as I do with the normal size upright. Shut you eyes, hear the natural power and beauty.

I tried several different ones at David’s shop and interestingly enough each one had it’s own unique tone qualities.

As I mentioned earlier ,the original reason I bought the bass was for use as a touring instrument. It weighs about 52-55 lbs. total, in its hard case. It has reduced the overweight charges dramatically. The case fits the instrument perfectly and is enormously protective. It travels well and the hard case covers a soft case that you can strap on your back like a back pack. You can walk around with it, no need to take around a wheel. The bass is light weight. I have walked with it over a mile with no problem. In hotel rooms I practice at reasonable hours and, no noise complaints due to its lower volume.

In performance it feels exactly like a regular sized instrument and the sound is focused, punchy and warm. The bass also gets a decent sound when bowing and in the soft case it fits in a cab.

I highly recommend this instrument to every bassist, it has greatly improved my life, opening up efficiency and possibilities. It’s a great invention, I am thrilled with the concept and it really delivers what need. That is the bottom line.

Harvie S